Our Values

Our world of values ​​is determined on the one hand by a belief in individualism, on the other hand by a belief in the importance of cooperation. Our mission is to form an even larger sum of skilled and hard-working individuals at the organizational level - a cell that, when combined with other similar cells into one organism, takes the whole world forward.

As the goal of macro-level development, we see a harmonious world in which every human being has equal living conditions and in which there is harmony between humanity and the rest of nature.

As engineers, we are involved in building the world, and we also recognize our responsibility for how the world is built. We have a responsibility to make solutions that help keep our planet as pristine as possible for posterity. In principle, we are guided by traditional Finnish minimalism: growing up in the midst of the scarce resources of a small country, we know how to focus only on the essentials and do everything on terms of cost-effectiveness.