We create designs for newbuilding, conversion and repair projects. Our main specialism is ice-classified vessel design and winter navigation know-how. We are globally recognized for our conceptual design expertise, forged over decades of experience. Our full knowledge is at your disposal!

We have long experience working with ship owners, shipyards and other design companies worldwide. Our conceptual design excellence of today is wholly based on proven technology. 

Our expertise is based on both theory and practice, on research, and on first-hand experience. Some of our innovations, such as the patented multipurpose icebreaker hull form, have redefined the entire icebreaking sector.

One of our missions is to make wintertime shipping safer and more environmentally friendly around the globe. We are always placing special emphasis on energy efficiency and cutting emissions of vessels. We are also pollution control vessel specialists - our expertise in that sector is unique.

Forged by decades of experience, our full knowledgle is always at your disposal!

• Conceptual design
• Basic design
• Detailed design
• Shipbuilding consultancy
• Conversion design
• Repair design
• Site supervision
• Inspection of documents
• Model tests (ice and open water)
• Full scale trials (ice and open water)
• Ship winterization
• 3D visualizations & animations

Ship Design in Theory and Practice