We create designs for newbuilding, conversion and repair projects. Our main specialism is ice-classified vessel design. Our core comprises of experienced Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, whose skills have been forged over the years in our manifold projects. We also have a vast network of cooperation partners around us. 

In all our operations, we strive for customer orientation and a good customer experience, whether it is a very small or really large project. We have a fast response and offer you straightforward, cost-effective services. We are a straightforward, fast-paced and stretchable SME company; we are used to demanding jobs and tight schedules. 


We have long experience in doing commissions for ship owners, shipyards and other design companies worldwide. We have conducted design and consulting projects for high profile Finnish and international customers for decades. We have theory experts up to professor level at our disposal, and well functioning contacts to ship owner and operator levels. During the last five years, we’ve done ship concept evaluation and optimization commissions for esteemed customers in Finland, Scandinavia, Russia and Canada, and work for paying customers in 14 different countries.


We have long experience in research and development projects. Some of our ice-technology innovations, such as the patented multi-purpose icebreaker concept and the removable icebreaking bow system, have redefined the sector. We have also developed patented solutions for oil recovery.

Our designs are developed with a heavy focus on safety, cost efficiency, fuel economy and environmental factors. Customer satisfaction has always been the most important factor contributing to the success of our business.


• Conceptual design
• Basic design
• Detailed design
• Consulting
• R & D projects
• Feasibility studies

• Conversion design
• Repair design
• Site supervision
• Inspection of documents
• Subcontracting
• Concept evaluations & optimizations
• Model tests (ice and open water)
• Full scale trials (ice and open water)
• Field testing (bollard pull tests, inclination experiments etc.)
• 3D visualizations & animations
• Evaluations of economic viability

Ship Design in Theory and Practice