Self-propelled icebreaking bow

ILS P999

ILS conceptual & basic design

Solution that transforms ice strengthened vessels and larger tugboats into icebreakers. Investment cost of the bow is about 25 % of the price of a purpose built icebreaker.

ILS developed the concept as a partner in the EU CEF funded Winter Navigation Motorways of the Sea II (WINMOS II) Action.

Basic design client

Turku Repair Yard Ltd, Finland

Bow owner

Finnish Transport Agency

Pusher tug

Alfons Håkans, Finland

Main particulars

Removable bow

L max             25,30 m

Bm                 12,60 m

Bvv                12,40 m

T design          3,40 m

T mld              3,60 m

Propulsion power 2 x 600 kW


L max 40,80 m

Propulsion power 2 600 kW

Icebreaking capability

Speed 0,7 m level ice abt 2 kn

Speed 0,4 m level ice abt 6 kn

Speed 1,5 m thick channel abt 7 kn